Cockroach [英語 English]

First , I'll explain myself. I dislike cockroaches. I can't get close to that creature without keeping at least 2m away from it. This is my limit.
One year ago, around the end of summer, I came back from my guitar lesson and went straight to my home, and was walking down the corridor to my mansion. Suddenly, I stopped near my home's door, 2m away. I discovered a cockroach was there, in front of my home's door. I stood still same position for 5 minutes or so , with bringing heavy guitar case. I couldn't do anything, I only to do keep standing.

Then, somebody came. they were my neighbor. Nice couple they were. Husband spoke to me,
"What happens? "
I said "Cockroach is there"
His wife slightly screamed with disgusting feeling.
Next, incredibly, Husband ran near by the roach and faced to the his home's door, that try was in success. and his wife followed him. That roach was surprised and ran away somewhere. So I could get in my home too.

Its finished I thought, I told my wife this happening. But, My wife told me "Kill that
roach, Because we will be botherd if that roach slip into our house" I refused in first, but I thought again, I agreed my wife's saying.and I decided to kill the roach I and my son took an insecticide and opened the door, We used the door like a shield, and searched that black ugly insect, then found that, I sprayed an insecticide to the roach bravely, so many times. ‘DIE! DIE!' We shouted, that roach never moved, we guessed that was dead. I and my son praised our braveness each other.

So my neighbor's door opened, and that husband appeared again, and He said.
‘ Hey, that roach was dead already, I sprayed an insecticide 10 minutes ago.'
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