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Diary [日記 Diary]

Hey, I don't have any plan to go out today. Of course, I'm drinking as soon as I got up. Okay, let me do an experiment, if I spent whole a holiday with drinking alcohol. Now is 10:41am. I finished off two cans of beers already. I'm listening some vinyl's I bought recently. Now playing disc is "Byrdsmania".

Now is 12:17. So far so good. On my schedule note, I've done tasks until 3:00pm. Few minutes ago, I tried to use SPA in my townhouse. It is rare for me to use SPA at daytime. Inside pool garden, someone was preparing some party. But nobody was using SPA, so I tried to use that, but I noticed in SPA many bubbles were floating. What's that? I turned on the bubble system of SPA. Surprisingly, floating bubbles increased. Sorry, I seemed to ruin SPA for the party. But it is not my fault.

At now is 1:17pm. Still, so far so good. I'm drinking a strongbow, and listening Linda Ronstadt's "Hand sown.. Home grown" . I love the last song of A side.

This is roses in my garden.

Gardening [日記 Diary]

This weeks business trip made me feel extreme bad. I expected my English capability has been improved enough to participate the meeting. But that's expectation was collapsed perfectly. I hate to speak English. I don't want to use English. It make me feel vomiting.

Today, I intended to visit Griffith observatory early morning, but my wife told me near my house, one house is having yard sale, and there are some records. So, this is first experience to my family. So, I decide to visit the yard sale instead of Griffith observatory.

These are my flowers. Rose is grooming very strongly.

I don't know this flower. But this is very cheerful too.

I'm waiting for Satellitia's blooming.

1st day of the holidays [日記 Diary]

Today, my son and wife went to his English conversation school, and we don't have any plan in AM, so, I decided to visit some filming location. At first, I went toward Griffith observatory, and my first plan was visiting the John Sowden House which related to Black Dahlia murder. I didn't know this fact. Yesterday, my English teacher taught me about this John Sowden House. I departed after my wife had gone out. And I noticed I don't have navigation system. My new car doesn't have preinstalled navigation system. I decided to take local way. For visiting Griffith observatory, the easiest way is Vermont. Someone told me, Vermont or Western is not safe way, it is better to avoid using this way. But at this time is sunny, Saturday morning. I don't think there are danger.

Gardening [日記 Diary]

Recently, I decided to arrange my house's little small garden. It has been my dream plant Strelitzia in my garden. So, at first, I bought this Strelizia, but unfortunately, it has not been bloomed.

さようならマツダ6 [日記 Diary]













3rd day of the holidays [日記 Diary]

I missed taking a picture of sunrise in this morning. This is almost passed 7:30 around.

I'd done many tasks and at 8:00am, I went out home and went to Yotsuya for visiting Akasaka-geihin-kan. Today is the first day for open this magnificent architecture to public. So, when I reached at the place the stuff distributing the reservation ticket, there had been long line still.

2nd day of the holidays [日記 Diary]

I woke up little bit late, at first, I intended to visit somewhere in early time, but I couldn't. Afternoon, I went out home to go to my parents house. At Ikebukuro station, I wanted to go to Yodobashi-camera, but I've known that fact, in Ikebukuro, there are no stores of Yodobashi camera. I intended to buy single lens refrex camera. It is too expensive for me, so I checked the line-ups at Yamda-denki, the other famous electronics stores.

After that, I got on the train and went to my parents' house.

1st day of the holidays in Japan [日記 Diary]

Of course, I`m in jet rag, I've been waking up from 1:00am. Sometimes, I fell asleep, and woke up again, repeatedly. My stressful works were finished yesterday, so I intend to visit some sight seeing spots today. Around 9:00am, I departed to sightseeing. I got off the train at Ueno station. First picture of today was the statue of Saigo Takamori.

And in very close from Saigo-don, I've never noticed so far there is historical monument is standing. That is the grave for Shogi-tai. Shogi-tai is the last soldiers against new government and support old Tokugawa Shogunate.

Beautiful Japanese cherry blossom.

This is the ground named after famous Masaoka-shiki. So far, I didn't have knowledge about the relationship between Masaoka Shik and Meiji-ishin. But I've read the beginning portion of Saka-no ue-no Kumo written by Shiba Ryotaro, then I understand the relationship of theirs.

I encountered the monument for Kanto Earthquake in 1923.

The night before holidays [日記 Diary]

Stressful work finished finally, last night, I took a dinner with my colleague, and before I went home, I took a picture of this. This building name is Big Box. Designed by Kurokawa Kisho. My interest about Kurokawa kisho has been increased since I visited Nakagin Capsule Tower.

1st day of the holidays [日記 Diary]

Unfortunately, I felt asleep last night, and woke up at 4:15am, and did a bunch of things. I had thought trying to make this weekend better one. At 8:00am, little bit later than my first plan, I went out home and took a short walk on my favorite course near my house. I tried looking for something, interesting animals or plants, but I couldn't find any interesting animals. I took a picture of fatty, small bird.

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