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English Listening 4 [英語 English]

1. Dick Cavett - Alfred Hitchcock

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English Listening 3 [英語 English]

1. Literary Sites of the Monterey Peninsula: Steinbeck, Stevenson & Jeffers

2. Tour of the Historic Kelsey House - Torrance Centennial History Minute 03.12

Most amazing thing for me, this owner tried to fix interior of this house same as original condition. Reserving history, it needs same agreement among administration and individuals.

3. Incredible Views from Classic Historic Spanish in Malaga Cove

This is a commercial video from estate company, but this house is very old and magnificent house.

4.Hurricane Irma gets closer, and Florida officials sound the alarm to get out of its way and prepare

5.Princess Diana - Breaking News of her Death, 31 August 1997 - CNN and BBC 0700 GMT

6.Famous Deaths And News Breaking On Them YouTubevia torchbrowser com

7. Rowan Atkinson & Kate Bush - Do Bears(Live)

When this duet was sung? I guess probably 1982 around? This curious couple, Mr. Benn and Kate, but it is not strange with considering Kate's theatrical taste.

8. Cannery Row Sardine Co.Sky News Clip

9.Harry Dean Stanton talks 'Paris, Texas' in vintage interview (6-minute)

10.Harry Dean Stanton Discusses Life, Movies, Music & The Void

11.A Fine Frenzy - Interview

12.shocking place in Downtown Los Angeles

13.Downtown Los Angeles: 5th & Spring

14.The Last Dukes (British Aristocracy Documentary) - Real Stories

15.Insight into the staff who work for Billionaires in London

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English Listening 2 [英語 English]

1. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

From the scene from Batman. So far, I've tried to watch this movie, but every time I failed. I didn't reach this scene. Around 3:00 sequence is used in Prince's Batman.

2. Norman Gunston interviews Elliott Gould

This is very difficult for me, I couldn't catch almost of words. Just catch "Capricorn 1.2"

3. Learning English with The Future American President - The First Debate

This is my first time to hear both candidates opinion by their own words.

4. The Bird and The Bee 2007 interview - Greg Kurstin and Inara George (part 1)

This is an interview when they started their professional musical career. Inara's accent is perfect Californian against her European atmosphere.

5. Inara George on The Living Sisters & Playing in a Girl Group

6. 40th Anniversary Memories - Leo Kottke

7. Leo Kottke and Nick Forster: In Conversation | Fretboard Journal #38 (excerpt)

Leo Kottke talk about his guitar.

8. CNN announces Prince dead

This is a news when Prince was dead.

9. Kate Bush Interview 1980

She talks about Babooshka

10. 9/11 Museum Opens Exhibit On Death Of Osama Bin Laden

11. Yukio Mishima Speaking In English

I really surprised! I've never heard about Mishima speaking English so far, his pronunciation is perfect!

12. Mishima: his life and literature

Definitely, Yukio Mishima is most highest genius of art.

13. Jorge Luis Borges - "A Poet's Creed " (Lecture 1968)

14. The Bird and the Bee | INTERVIEW | WE FOUND NEW MUSIC with Grant Owens

I thought she is very young, but her age is over 40 (of course, still young), it is surprisingly for me that she has three children and she married with the men definitely not Greg.

15. Kate Bush's first concerts in 35 years

I probably, had introduced this movie on this blog.

16. Kate Bush - South Bank Sky Arts Pop Award 2012

She is an alive legend without any doubt.

17.Kate Bush and her Family

18. Artists talking about Kate Bush

Without doubt, there would be more artists want to express their impression about Kate Bush.

19.NEW YORK DOLLS 1974 Toronto: World Premiere

20. Japanese CULTURE SHOCK!! What surprises foreigners who come to Japan?

Definitely Toilet!!

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English listening 1 [英語 English]

1. A Quick Lesson in Ways Businesses Are Organized

Is this an explanation about common rule of company?

2. Are You Learning English? These Songs May Help

I confess, at first, I started to write this article using one English song for studying. But listening without subtitles was so difficult for me, so, I gave up that. So far, I tried to listen the movie spoken in English at random. I decided to do same attempt again.

3. BREAKING: News reports of giant caught on camera!

This is fake news. I searched Giant's Causeway related to Led Zeppelin, so You tube showed this video for me as recommendable movie.

4. Donald Trump 1980 Interview

At this time, he doesn't seem to vulger guy. He seems to be calm and polite (compare with current him).

5. Freddie Mercury talking about Michael Jackson

Is Freddie talking about they tried to co-work about creating some songs? Oh My Gosh! I didn't know this fact. There is a song by Freddie and Michael Jackson! But it was not accomplished by

And there are more 2 songs, Freddie and Michael worked together, these are "State of Shocks" and "Victory". Oh, I really didn't know these facts These songs are recorded in Jacksons' album "Victory".


I surprised! Almost of kids appears in this movie know Queen's song well. Most eldest boy is very clever, and little cheerful curly hair girl's reaction and opinion is amazing. And every children's reactions are honestly and interesting. Such a great band Queen is!


Too fast for kids! Probably, 5 years later, some kids will must like Metallica.

8. What Huygens Saw On Titan - New Image Processing

Is Huygens a satellite? I chose movies at random as like this.

9. When the Soviets Photographed the Surface of Venus - It Happened in Space #9

This is another lecture about space subject. What the word for the autonomous space rocket for researching?

10. Tippi Hedren opens up about Alfred Hitchcock | Larry King Now | Ora.TV

I have a autobiography of Tippi Hedren, her confess about Hitchcock is shocked for me.

11. Tippi Hedren: Hitchcock Ruined My Career | HPL

Another interview. this video posted on 2012. I bought Tippi's book last year. She seems to mention Hitchcock's harassment from 2012.

12. Tippi Hedren: Alfred Hitchcock Assaulted Me After I Refused To Sleep With Him

One more interview. I didn't know Melanie Griffith is Tippi's daughter, and her granddaughter is actress of fifty shades of Grey.

13. Tony Moore (ex Riot Thundersteel) interview-The Metal Voice

Amazing! This is latest interview of Tony Moore.

14 4. Philosophers and Kings: Plato's Republic, I-II

This is a lecture at Yale university. Very clear pronunciation.

15. 805 Beer a Huge Hit for Firestone Walker Brewing Company

This is my favorite beer, I drink this every day. Where is brewery? Santa Cruse?

16. Tokyo Hidden Spots: Local Tokyo Restaurants & Cafes In Tokyo

Her English is perfect.

17. America in Color: The 1920s (Full Episode)

This movie is about America's history in early 20th century. Interesting approach is putting color on black and white films. I guess, real one had been more vivid colorful than this colored film.

18. Greco-Persian Wars | 3 Minute History

Many movies about history are long time playing. I searched the 3 words, "History","3 minutes". So, I could find this movies series. Very good, but one problem is, speaking speed is too fast for me.

19. Japanese History of Edo period to Meiji Restoration(1/6)

This is a history about Japan, at the late Edo era.

20. What happened to JIM CROCE?

I've not known about this musician. He died in airplane crash when he was 30 years old.
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Diary [英語 English]

Recently, my English ability became to be inferior. I know the reason. Because I didn't attend English class, and my weekly conversation class has been cancelled. I lose my eagerness for English. So, this is the result of that. Recently, unfortunately, I have a big frustration about my company. I think there is a possibility to resign current company. But if I resign this company, are there any possibility to join another company due to my age?

Due to my heavy frustration, I wished to drink alcohol from morning, but I have to take my family to some places. Because, my wife had to bring her car to repair shop for oil change. Due to that, I have to take my son to two English conversation classes. That will be ended at 1:30 pm. Can I drink Beer?

My wife said "No". Instead of that, she proposed to visit somewhere for changing my feeling. Exactly, that's a good idea, if I continue to drive, I don't have a longing for alcohol. So, I decided to drive to near Malibu. That's my destination for two years, "Byrds House".

I drove 405, but I made a mistake to change to Santa Monica freeway, so, I drove on Santa Monica Boulevard, and took Ocean Boulevard and PCH. The destination is located on Topanga. I imagined that place is located on complicated location. But I think, it is okay to use PCH and Topanga canyon road and one more Old Topanga Canyon road. Only 3 roads.

English [英語 English]


1. David Bowie Last Interview Before His Dead

2.Riz Khan - Omar Sharif - 10 Oct 07


TED [英語 English]

21. 4 ways to make a city more walkable | Jeff Speck


22.My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story | Sue Klebold


23. How jails extort the poor | Salil Dudani



26.How we can find ourselves in data | Giorgia Lupi

がっかり [英語 English]





TED [英語 English]

11.Help discover ancient ruins -- before it's too late | Sarah Parcak



12.Easy DIY projects for kid engineers | Fawn Qiu


13. Why you should know how much your coworkers get paid | David Burkus


14. The psychology of your future self | Dan Gilbert

15. Why you should love statistics | Alan Smith

16. How to get better at the things you care about | Eduardo Briceño


17. Depression, the secret we share | Andrew Solomon


18. What time is it on Mars? | Nagin Cox


19. Hannah Brencher: Love letters to strangers

20.Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth

TED speech [英語 English]




この3つのスピーチの中では、一番わかりやすいです。そして感動的です。Keep Moving Forwardというディズニーの言葉は、ルイスと未来泥棒で使われるテーマですね。



ちょっとどの英語を聴いても聴きやすくなってきた(?)このビルは調べるとシカゴの中心部にあるアクアと呼ばれるビル。225 N Columbus Dr #220, Chicago, IL 60601。近くまで行ったんだけどな。また今度行ける機会があれば行ってみたい。


9:A Journey Through the Mind of an Artist | Dustin Yellin


10:Use art to turn the world inside out | JR



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