Diary [英語 English]

Recently, my English ability became to be inferior. I know the reason. Because I didn't attend English class, and my weekly conversation class has been cancelled. I lose my eagerness for English. So, this is the result of that. Recently, unfortunately, I have a big frustration about my company. I think there is a possibility to resign current company. But if I resign this company, are there any possibility to join another company due to my age?

Due to my heavy frustration, I wished to drink alcohol from morning, but I have to take my family to some places. Because, my wife had to bring her car to repair shop for oil change. Due to that, I have to take my son to two English conversation classes. That will be ended at 1:30 pm. Can I drink Beer?

My wife said "No". Instead of that, she proposed to visit somewhere for changing my feeling. Exactly, that's a good idea, if I continue to drive, I don't have a longing for alcohol. So, I decided to drive to near Malibu. That's my destination for two years, "Byrds House".

I drove 405, but I made a mistake to change to Santa Monica freeway, so, I drove on Santa Monica Boulevard, and took Ocean Boulevard and PCH. The destination is located on Topanga. I imagined that place is located on complicated location. But I think, it is okay to use PCH and Topanga canyon road and one more Old Topanga Canyon road. Only 3 roads.

【音楽ロケ地訪問】バーズの家 [音楽ロケ地訪問 Music Location]



I listened Byrds's "Notorious Byrd Brothers" at my friend's house when I was a college student. I was not diligent student same as usual Japanese collage student. At that time, I worked for part time job for earning small money every day. I met my friend at the bookshop I worked at that time. Sometimes, I went to his house for listen CD after work. "Notorious Byrd brothers " is a one of that he recommend me. I remember other albums he lent me are Stanley Turrentine's "Gilbert With Turrentine" , Al Cooper's "Naked Song". I've still loved these albums after 20 years passed.

Especially, "Notorious Byrd Brothers" is precious album for me. I'm really into the song "Get To You" from this album. I'm not sure but I brought this song recorded in MD to my past trips. So, for me, "Get to You" reminds me "Journey" every time I listen. About this feeling, I'd wrote in past article.




QUOTES [その他 Others]

1.Nothing is written

2. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

3.It is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

Chantastic! ジャッキー・チェン アカデミー名誉賞 トム・ハンクスによる紹介 [映画 Movie]



LA LA LAND 幻のアカデミー賞 [映画 Movie]

ちょっと英語のトレーニングのために雑多な動画を紹介していきます。最近気づいたのですが、You Tubeで再生速度を調整できることを知ったので、これを使ってたくさん動画を見ていきたいと思います。


プレゼンターは『俺たちに明日はない』のコンビ。二人とも良い感じで年を重ねています。まぁ動画を見ての通り。しかしLA LA LANDの監督でしょうか。すばらしい対応ですね。彼がこのとんでもない事態を収拾させましたね。なかなかできないことです。ウォーレン・ビーティーの面目も救ってあげていますね。

僕はLA LA LANDは最初、音楽のすばらしさを称賛しましたが、実は、聞き続けると、なんだか『ロシュフォールの恋人たち』に似ているな、と思い出し、最近はちょっと熱意が薄れ、実際いまだに映画をみていません。でもこのアカデミー賞受賞式の関係者の素晴らしい対応を見て、応援したくなりました。そのうちLA LA LANDのソフトを買いたいと思います。LA LA LANDの関係者はこの珍事で損をしたのではなく、将来的にみたら大きく得をしたと思います。